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It’s A Beaut, Clark!

Well we are finally in our new “home” and things are shaping up very quickly.  It’s amazing how moving to a new office has positively influenced our entire team.  There’s just a new sense of energy and excitement in everything we do, and we all seem to have a new focus on our work as a whole.  Can a building be responsible for such a positive transformation?  Truthfully I can say with absolute certainty, YES!  It has for us for sure.  Using one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite holiday movies…”It’s a beaut, Clark!” Hope you have a chance to drop by and see for yourself.  You’re always welcome.IMG_1596

Adding Up Addys: Three, Four, or More?

It may not yield as much debate as the recent social media dress color debacle, but the question remains: did Ideaworks Marketing win three, or four awards at the 2015 Addys?

The American Advertising Federation of northeast Pennsylvania (AAF-NEPA), held its annual awards ceremony, affectionately known as the Addys, this past February 20, and three entries from Ideaworks proved to be winners – or four, if you so choose.

Below, a photo of the one Gold, and two Silver awards given to Ideaworks. The winning pieces included a Wedding Invitation Package (Gold/Judge’s Choice for Collateral Material); the “Street Eatz” campaign (Silver for Sales Promotion, Branded Environment); and the Ideaworks 2015 Calendar (Silver for Self Promotion, Advertising Industry).

And here is the Wedding Invitation Package that garnered the Gold:


Bridget and Daniel were a winning combination, and so was their wedding invitation package. They likely wrote a lot of thank-you notes when their festivities concluded, and all of us at Ideaworks would like to thank them for inspiring this work, that brought in both a Gold, and a Judge’s Choice award!

It all adds up to four awards, since of course, Gold and Judge’s Choice are two separate awards (that often overlap). So while three of Ideaworks’ pieces won, a total of four awards were earned. Here is the complete award set, the Judge’s Choice in the form of a fabulous miniature billboard from Lamar Advertising.

photo 3

Yes, we could have said that from the beginning — but the Addys are just as much about having fun, as they are about recognizing excellence in advertising creativity. Ideaworks congratulates all the Addy winners from the 2015 AAF-NEPA event.

Ideaworks Captures District American Advertising Award

Ideaworks Marketing recently captured a District Two, American Advertising Award (ADDY) in the Industry Self-Promotion category for its 2014 Annual Calendar.blogpost_addy

The calendar showcases an engaging combination of practical information and creative infographics to bring each month to life. In addition, a special augmented reality feature was employed which enabled calendar recipients to connect to a specially created holiday video produced exclusively by the Ideaworks team.

District Two covers the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania as well as the District of Columbia. This year, over 500 entries were submitted to the District Two competition by 157 companies who qualified by winning local ADDY Award competitions.

According to Cynthia Park, Governor of the American Advertising Federation’s District Two, “Winning at the District Two level is another testament to the prestige of the competition. The District Two competition is one of the toughest regions in the country in which to compete.”

Commenting on the recognition, Donna Hansbury, President of Ideaworks said, “Our entire team is very proud of this award. It is particularly gratifying to be recognized at such a high level in the industry, and for work that demonstrates our agency’s passion for powerful ideas.”  

The Risk of Innovation

Innovation is one of those words that is beyond overuse, but like a shiny new object, it continues to capture the attention of copywriters, marketers and business leaders alike.  But beyond its ongoing abuse in corporate tome and collateral, does “innovation” pose an inherent risk for those organizations that are truly, innovative?

While I know that there are many angles and answers to this question, from my perspective, it is best addressed in the old adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  The majority of the greatest inventions (and innovations) of our lifetime would never have been possible without the courage of someone or some company taking a chance on an idea…a hunch…a belief.

So it is with this in mind that we at Ideaworks are taking a risk, being an early adapter and changing our website URL to Ideaworks.marketing.  Now as innovations go, the risk associated with this decision is moderate at best.  But what’s more important than the level of risk is our willingness to try something new, the stake a presence on the cutting-edge of what may become an industry norm.  Success or failure, only time will tell, but I for one am happy that in our own small way we are taking risk head-on in the true spirit of innovation.

Agency Executives Appointed To Area Marketing Group

Peter Steve, Managing Partner and Donna Hansbury, President of Ideaworks Food Marketing were recently appointed to serve as committee members of a newly formed Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Marketing Association (PAMA).  The PAMA is a professional association for marketers, educators and students across the Greater Philadelphia region.  The recently formed SIG focuses on the Greater Lehigh Valley (PA) with a mission to better serve the professional development, networking and knowledge sharing needs of marketing professionals in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

“The Lehigh Valley is a vibrant and emerging center for business and the arts,” said Craig Barton, immediate past president of PAMA.  “Its rich heritage and proud history combine to make it the ideal locale for a northern extension of our organization.  We are excited for the opportunity this provides to area marketers and the void that focused, localized programming will fill for the region.”

About PAMA
Established in 1931, the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Marketing Association (PAMA) was one of the first 100 chapters now affiliated with the American Marketing Association (AMA), which is the professional association for individuals and organizations who are leading the practice, teaching and development of marketing worldwide.