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Careers: Seeking a Full-Time Graphic Designer

Job description

WANTED: A graphic designer with vision, drive, spunk and originality who sees the world through a creative lens

Ideaworks Marketing is seeking:

A full-time, graphic designer who is career-minded and doesn’t hesitate to create solutions that will exceed client expectations and propel our agency in an innovative direction that takes our design expertise to the next level. The ideal candidate is a self-starter who isn’t afraid to speak up and offer insight and ideas; values the importance of researching the latest design trends and creative technologies and incorporating them into daily work and projects; enjoys thinking outside the box to create original, inspiring work; likes collaborating not only with the other designers but also with the content team; is actively engaged in the agency’s culture; understands the importance of hard work; and is committed to giving the position their all.

Our ideal candidate is:

· A creative leader who has strong conceptual, technical and project management skills

· Results-driven and dedicated to developing innovative solutions for our clients’ most pressing challenges

· Enthusiastic and passionate about producing outstanding creative work

· Motivated and serious about career growth

Our ideal candidate possesses the following qualifications:

· Candidate must be a proven self-starter and execute projects with strong layout, typography, and design principles.

· Perform creatively within client-driven deadlines, paying acute attention to detail with good organization skills.

· Effectively manage multiple-projects in deadline-driven environment.

· Understands how to prepare files for printing as well as artwork for social media/web.

· A bachelor’s or associate’s degree in graphic design or a similar field. Experience preferred but willing to train the right individual.

· Proficient with Mac operating systems, along with the Adobe Creative Suite with a heavy emphasis on InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat

· Experience with MS Office Programs (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel)

· Experience or knowledge in Fusion Pro/Marcom system will be a benefit.

Our ideal candidate will receive a competitive salary.

If you are interested in joining a women-owned marketing agency that fosters growth and development; values hard work, creative talent and teamwork; loves to push the

creative envelope; and enjoys having fun once the work is complete, please send a cover letter (including salary requirements), resume and portfolio samples.

Job Type: Full-time, PA Residents Only (Remote/Hybrid), Location TBD

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Commensurate with experience


· Dental insurance

· Health insurance

· Paid time off

· Vision insurance


Helen Gattuso and Peter Steve at the National Restaurant Association Show, circa 1980s

When you reach that age where you begin to question your own mortality, there exists a number of benchmarks that form a framework of your life past, and those years yet to be experienced.

The growing independence of your children, retirement from career pursuits, and the loss of childhood heroes all stand testimony to the adage that “time waits for no one.”

Recently, I experienced one of these moments when I found out that a former co-worker, a mentor, and a friend passed away. Helen Gattuso was all of these things to me – the person who taught me so much on both a professional and personal level. Through the years, our relationship grew to where we were more than business associates and became close friends, sharing the many things we had in common. I so enjoyed the countless Friday nights after work, sitting in Helen’s living room and enjoying a vodka martini finely crafted by her husband Jim. Lots of laughs and great times shared and remembered.

I lost touch with Helen as our lives took their own paths, but I never seemed to go a week without mentioning her name or thinking of her in some way.

Now as a final tribute to a terrific lady, all I can say is that I will miss you, Helen, but I will never forget you. Thank you for playing such a important role in making me who I am today.

Peter Steve
Owner & CCO

Together As One: A Look Inside the 2021 Ideaworks Calendar

Several months ago, our agency’s president and CEO Donna Hansbury penned a blog post about the feeling of home. She reflected on the importance of togetherness and of keeping human connection strong. And, as she always seems to do – even during a global pandemic – she looked at the bright side: How our team members continue to meet one another in new contexts, with our regular Zoom sessions providing unique glimpses into each other’s lives and homes.

Around this same time, we started discussing our 2021 agency calendar—on Zoom, of course—putting our heads together to land on a topic we were passionate about, and that would inspire others to have the kind of year that we are all still hoping for: One that is upbeat and positive. Healthy and happy. A year that brings us all back together as one.

Too often, we look at a year as a disjointed series of starts and stops, months’ ends and months’ beginnings. And, truth be told, it wasn’t uncommon to hear us talk about 2020 with frustration and worry from time to time. But we always came back together, refocused our attention on the positive, and remembered that we don’t need to look at a year in fragments or define it by that which is negative and divisive. We can—and should—look at a year as an interconnected series of moments, experiences and celebrations that bring us all together as one.

As our conversations unfolded, diversity and inclusion quickly became our theme, and from there, the 2021 Ideaworks calendar was born.

Each month’s calendar card features a unique illustration that highlights a particular diversity observance, like Women’s History Month in March and Pride Month in June. But, because we believe in creative ingenuity and the beauty of turning something on its head, the real magic comes when you flip the cards over and they form our mural. You’ll see everything come together, like how the spirited little girl playing on a jungle gym for International Youth Day in August is the same girl who’s climbing a ladder for International Women’s Day in March.

We don’t want to give it all away, so we invite you to email Alyssa Ellsworth at if you’d like to receive a calendar of your own. You can also request a poster print of our originally designed Together As One mural for your home or office by clicking here.

From all of us at Ideaworks Marketing, happy new year. Let’s celebrate all that brings us together.


This fall, we are excited to welcome our new marketing communications intern, Michael Morgan, and new graphic design intern, Cienna Tohme, to the Ideaworks team! 

Michael is a senior at the University of Scranton, majoring in strategic communications with a track in advertising and a minor in business communication. Last spring, he worked as a social media marketing intern and is the active president of the University of Scranton’s advertising club. Michael is a basketball fanatic and enjoys going on long hikes in his free time. Marketing is a strong passion of his; Michael cannot wait to begin his career in this exciting industry. 

“I am grateful to be a part of the Ideaworks team and cannot wait to get started!”

Cienna is a senior graphic design major at Wilkes University. She loves nature, enjoys creating art and is fascinated by astrology. Cienna is a talented individual who cannot wait to make her presence known through her work.

“I am so excited to begin creating, along with gaining practical work experience in a professional setting.”

Not a Place, But a Feeling

This month, Ideaworks Marketing celebrates its 22nd anniversary, and that has me thinking about home.  Over the last few months, I’ve missed our office at 197 Wyoming Ave. As grateful as I am for the technology that allows us to work from our own homes, there is something special about being together under the same roof.

197 is not a sterile workplace, but a vibrant, homey space where we share a significant part of our lives together. I miss the faces, the hellos and goodbyes, the encouraging words. And I especially regret missed opportunities to gather in our conference room for celebrations large and small – a birthday, a holiday, a special recognition or – this month – an anniversary celebration.

There’s always a bright side, however, and for me it’s been this: Our weekly Zoom meetup gives us all a unique insight into each other’s lives and homes. We’ve met each other in new contexts – in makeshift offices in living rooms, kitchens, and porches. We’ve been Zoom-bombed by children and significant others – including Peter Steve’s beloved Portuguese Water Dogs, Crispin and Dante. And through the magic of green screen backgrounds, we’ve been transported to Alyssa’s honeymoon in Italy, an airline lounge at JFK, and even the Simpsons’ living room!

And, of course, we’ve all been grateful to spend more time with our loved ones. Carla Henry was able to spend a week working from her parents’ house in Kentucky, and I welcomed family, including my two favorite people in the world – 3 ½ year old Harper and her new baby sister Hazel – to come for a visit (in a socially-distant mobile home in my driveway).

In all of these ways, we have adopted new strategies for maintaining team spirit and the feeling of home. We have begun to spend more time in the office, as individual needs require, but we’re following the changing situation and regulations closely. We hope to make our way back to 197 soon.

Stay safe. Wear a mask. And don’t hesitate to reach out to let us know how you’re doing.

Donna Hansbury, President and CEO

Stay Inspired

While I was scrolling through my social media feeds, this anonymous aphorism caught my eye: “When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.” In our last blog post, we outlined our initial response to COVID-19, but today I’d like to discuss how our agency worked through some of the adjustments we have made during the pandemic and quarantine.

For me, and for the entire Ideaworks team, it all comes down to this: staying inspired.

To inspire – to influence or animate with an idea or purpose — lies at the heart of our identity and mission. Ironically, for the present moment, the word comes from the Latin inspirare, which means to blow into, or breathe upon – but even in ancient Rome it took on the figurative sense of “to excite and inflame.”

To be sure, the quarantine changed the way we operate – for example, by moving conversation and collaboration to online meeting apps and quick text messages. We regularly meet for all-hands check-ins, and I’ve been sharing jokes and thoughtful quotes to keep everyone engaged. But our focus remains the same: coming up with ideas that work.

As our clients faced mounting challenges – including serious reductions in revenue and even the shuttering of businesses – we have been helping them craft strategic communications to keep customers engaged and aware of changes in their hours, their services, their facilities and their menus. More recently, we have been supporting clients’ moves to reopen business with new safety measures in place, and even to launch new ventures in facilities management and food service with enhanced infection control and social distancing measures in place.

As we all find our way through this rapidly evolving environment, please accept my best wishes for continued success in all of your endeavors – not only in business, but also in your personal lives and in your communities. Great things are always right around the bend, and with the right attitude you will be ready to meet them. That’s where your power is. Stay inspired!

Peter Steve, Owner and Chief Creative Officer

Our Response to COVID-19

We surely don’t have to tell you that the Coronavirus is preventing many businesses from operating normally. We’re certain that you are experiencing COVID-19’s effects on business – along with other changes to daily life – for yourself.

But what we do want you to know is that our commitment to handling your marketing and design needs remains just as crucial to us as ever.

In a time where “business as usual” might feel different, we’re still ready to serve you, handling your project requests without disruption or any deviations from how you’re used to working with us.

  • Our team is working remotely. All our designers, writers, strategists and executive team members have reliable Internet access and all required programs and resources to bring your projects to life.
  • We can access all files related to current and past projects. Our server is 100% functional and all team members can access it from home. Therefore, whether you have a new project request, need a past file or are working on something existing with us, we want you to know that we will have what you need when you need it. Just reach out!

Stay well, and feel free to email us with any of your project requests as we navigate these challenging times together. The easiest way to reach us is by email as phone contact is limited.

All the best, always,

-The Ideaworks team

A Note From Our Spring Content Intern

Hi, all! I’m Jen, and I’m the new Content Intern here at Ideaworks. I’m a senior at King’s College, where I major in professional writing and minor in literature.

I’ve held previous internships in writing and public relations, and I currently hold two jobs on campus as the English department’s student assistant and as a Writing Center tutor.

My future career goals include any sort of job that will allow me to put my writing and editing skills to use, and I have an especial interest in the field of nonprofits regarding both grant and proposal writing. My hobbies and interests include reading, spending time outside and learning how to cook.

I’m really excited to join the team here to learn more about the digital marketing landscape and pick up some new skills along the way!

Ideaworks Marketing’s Giving Tree Supports Local Domestic Violence Victims

This holiday season, Ideaworks Marketing decided to give back to the community in a fun and creative way. The agency’s Christmas tree, otherwise known as the Giving Tree, was decorated in support of the Domestic Violence Service Center, located in Wilkes-Barre. Various items like toiletries, lip balm, travel shampoo and conditioner adorned the branches, while stockings were filled with goodies – all donated by the Ideaworks team.

Creative mastermind Chris Konnick, administrative assistant, said she came up with the idea because she wanted to ensure Ideaworks left its mark on the community this holiday. “As a previous employee of the Domestic Violence Service Center, I thought the Giving Tree would make it even more fun for our team to come together to make the season brighter for those who need it most. I loved coordinating the effort and can’t wait to do it again next year,” commented Chris.

Sherry Castrine, development director at the Center, was speechless when she came to collect the donations and saw how many the agency gathered. “It’s the prettiest and most creative tree I’ve ever seen for an initiative like this,” said Sherry. “The generosity of the Ideaworks Marketing team floored me. The men, women and children we serve are going to benefit greatly from the items Ideaworks donated.”

The mission of the Center is to provide a path to safety and a shelter from abuse. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please call its 24-hour hotline: 1.800.424.5600.

Lifelong Learning = The Key to Success

This article was penned by Chelsey Tupper, director of operations and client development. 

Learning has always been an integral part of who I am. That’s probably because I was raised by two parents who realized the value of a solid education and both loved uncovering new knowledge. My mom and dad worked fervently to provide my sister and me with educational travel opportunities and even afforded me the ability to go to the college of my choosing. My parents gained their love for learning from their parents, and at the age of 33, I’m beyond blessed to still have the mentorship of all six of these individuals. I’ve witnessed firsthand from my family the importance of lifelong learning, from reading countless books (for pleasure and work) to learning history and trivia to staying abreast of changing trends in your profession and developing new hobbies. Further, I’ve learned that lifelong learning doesn’t just help you excel professionally but also keeps life fun, fresh and fascinating.

Aside from my parents and grandparents, I’ve been fortunate enough to have several mentors throughout my life, and the list only continues to grow. I love listening to others and learning all that I can from the people I meet because each of us has our own, unique experiences to share; it’s incredible what you can soak up from others if you just pay attention and listen. Two individuals whom I’ve been lucky enough to have as mentors over the past three years are my bosses Peter Steve and Donna Hansbury. Peter’s outlook on learning and bettering yourself is very similar to that of my parents and grandparents. He is always reading and researching, and he impresses the importance of this practice upon the Ideaworks team. Peter continuously says that reading all we can about our industry and those industries of our clients is what makes us an invaluable partner. And he’s right. Developing fresh solutions to our clients’ challenges and guiding them in the right direction are what make our clients come back to us, project after project, trusting in our ability to help them succeed. Donna has taught me to become a more strategic thinker and problem solver. For example, she has shown me the importance of taking the time to figure out a new program or concept, and not being too quick to ask others for assistance before delving into  it myself. It’s difficult to find solutions to such things if reading and researching aren’t part of your core, everyday tasks – yet another reason to embrace lifelong learning.

Back in April, I spoke at a local university as part of its annual communication conference for high school juniors and seniors. The conference helps students discern career paths within the communication industry. I love speaking to high school and college students because I remember when I was in their shoes, and listening to young professionals share their career stories and advice was always helpful and inspiring. For this particular engagement, I chose to speak about the value of lifelong learning and how vital it is for success in college and beyond. Throughout the presentation, I shared the advice I’ve gained from Peter and Donna, along with what I’ve learned from my own life experiences. Several students asked questions following the presentation, wanting me to share additional insight into how they, too, can adopt the “always be learning” mindset.

While I may never know which tips, tricks or stories from my presentation my audience found most inspiring, I’m confident that they, too, walked away with something valuable. And as I reflect on that experience and the many I’ve had to shape me into the professional I am today, I realize that there’s nothing more gratifying than helping one of those students reach an important realization: Lifelong learning really is the key to success, and you never know where its influence stops. I am certain that my parents, grandparents, Peter, Donna and the many other mentors I’ve been blessed to have would be proud that I am committed to paying forward what each of these individuals have impressed upon me.