Why “A Christmas Story” is My Favorite Holiday Movie


It’s finally that time of year when things take on a festive feel and the trials and tribulations of day-to-day business seem less daunting than usual. While the season itself can be an added stress, it seems that for most us, the anticipated joy of the approaching holidays makes it all worthwhile, if not at least tolerable.

While the holidays can be a difficult time for some, for most of us, the holidays give us each our own special feeling, often based on a memory of a past event or time-honored tradition that defines this
time of year. For me, the holidays remind me of a slower time where things were simpler. Where snow for the big day was never in question and the only thing standing between me and a full-out
celebration was the last day of school before holiday break.

I guess that’s why in my adult years, the movie “A Christmas Story” has taken on a special meaning, representing the things I remember from my past, and still admittedly long for every year. Oh, I understand the entire flick is pure fiction; heck, the house used in the movie isn’t even in Indiana, it’s in Cleveland! And that’s only one of many oddities and errors discovered by fans through the years. But for what it isn’t, this movie has become a true holiday tradition for my entire family and many other families, too.

My two sons began watching it when they were barely old enough to understand what it was all about, and they still are watching it to this day, well into their 20s. Playing over and over again, on that continuous 24-hour schedule, this movie serves as the official start of the holiday season for my entire family.

But beyond this, “A Christmas Story” gives us all a reason to slow down and enjoy spending time together. While the cell phones still buzz and the text messages still fly, even on Christmas Day, for some strange reason we all seem to fall into an enjoyable coma when this movie is playing, immersing ourselves in the exploits of Ralphie and his family.

The purpose of this message isn’t to convince you to watch “A Christmas Story” this year. That would be selfish on my part. But, it is to encourage you to find A Christmas Story of your very own, whatever it may be. Whether it be a movie, a book, a song or a prayer, regardless of your religious or personal beliefs, find that one thing that will help you slow down, brings you together with the ones you love and gives this time of year some special meaning – even if only for a moment in time.

Happy holidays and may 2019 bring you good health, much happiness and many joyful memories.

Peter Steve, owner & CCO