Copywriting & The Holiday Season: A Spirited Juxtaposition

What do contemporary copywriting and the holiday season have in common? On the surface, the two are certainly unrelated. The former is a precise type of writing. Stringing together emotionally-charged words and phrases to appeal to your target audience. When done with care, it is a beautiful craft indeed. The latter, of course, is a time of year. A lively period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day during which individuals crowd around dinner tables with their loved ones, make memories, and celebrate another year passed and a new one on the horizon. Cue twinkling lights, distinct aromas, and pomp and circumstance.

Juxtaposing the two, however, reveals that copywriting and the beloved holiday season do relate; in fact, they do so much more than one might think! The next time you put your fingers to the keys or a pen to paper, consider these copywriting tips and their holiday-themed equivalents:

  1. Forge Connections! Think of this as a holiday gathering
    Great writing is about making connections – seeing two separate entities as one and running with each of them until they meet at one distinct point. Great writing comes from understanding a precise moment in time and the emotions that are associated. Think of this as your holiday gathering. Separate personalities meeting in one room? Surely. Emotions expressed? Absolutely. One special moment that connects everyone in an instant? There’s the sweet spot. When you’re writing copy, find that special moment, and equate your words and phrases to a holiday gathering – a beautiful blend of differences meeting under one roof.
  2. Eliminate Excess! Think of this as your “Giving Tuesday”
    Modern readers have incredibly short attention spans; Generation Z (Gen Z)’s is a mere eight seconds. To appeal to the masses, you’ll need to scale back that lengthy copy. HubSpot’s marketing blog suggests turning your 50-word homepage copy into a 25-word sentence, then parring it down even more to just 15. Next time you’re reading over something you’ve written, ask yourself: Is this word necessary? What is this line adding to my sentence? Think of this process as your Giving Tuesday, a global celebration of giving that takes place annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. On that day, people shy away from excess and gluttony, and focus on giving back to others in need. When writing, ask yourself if you really need those extra words and sentences, or if you can forego them altogether to strengthen your copy.
  3. Storytell! Think of this as dinner table conversation
    Today, people do not want to be sold anything. They want to see what your brand is about and feel a human connection to your ideals. Perhaps above all, they want to be communicated with through story; it’s the easiest way for our brains to process complex information. As you write, draw inspiration from those holiday moments shared around the dinner table. What makes those moments so special? It’s the stories, past and present, that we share with one another. Share those special moments with your target audience through your copy, and you’ve got your magic moment.