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Time To Say Goodbye

After 17 years, today is the last official day of operation for our team working out of our Plymouth Office.  During this time, we have seen our company grow – enduring more challenges than I’d like to remember but also celebrating many accomplishments.

Moving to a new environment is always exciting, but understandably exciting only for those individuals directly involved in the move.  But I can say with true sincerity that this move means more to us than simply a change of surroundings.  It symbolizes a new beginning in many ways for Ideaworks, the start of the next chapter in our company’s history.

So as we all say goodbye to our Plymouth Office, we do so knowing that it is also saying goodbye to a past that has not only defined who we are but also who we will be.

Thank you to our entire team, our families, our business partners and associates and our many clients who every day give us the opportunity to do what I believe we do best.

Goodbye Plymouth…it’s been real!

Peter Steve, CEO